Five directors are to step down from the board of global bedding conglomerate Tempur Sealy International including the former director-general of the UK Conservative Party.

The Kentucky, US based manufacturer and supplier said it plans to move forward with a seven-strong board of directors after its Annual Meeting in May. Francis Doyle, Peter Hoffman, Sir Paul Judge, Nancy Koehn and Larry Rogers will not stand for re-election.

Tempur Sealy said in a statement the decisions to not stand were not because of any disagreements with the board on any matters relating to operations, policies, practices or leadership, and that the directors supported the company's ongoing business strategy.

Sir Paul Judge led a buyout of Cadbury Schweppes’ food operations to form Premier Brands and was formerly director general of the Conservative Party and a ministerial adviser at the UK Cabinet Office.

Larry Rogers was Sealy CEO until his retirement in 2014. He is expected to sign a consultancy agreement to provide advice to the Tempur Sealy board and remain on the boards of its joint ventures.

From May, Tempur Sealy will move forward with a seven-strong board comprising Scott Thompson, Evelyn Dilsaver, John Heil, Jon Luther, Usman Nabi, Richard Neu and Robert Trussell.

Of those, Ms Dilsaver, Mr Heil and Mr Trussell were directors prior to the boardroom reshuffle of 2015 that saw former CEO Mark Sarvary leave the bedding group.

Mr Thompson, chairman and CEO since last September, said: “When I was at Dollar Thrifty, I worked with a seven person board of directors, and I think a smaller board is the right approach for Tempur Sealy.