Carpet imports rose 8.6 per cent in December driven by higher demand for goods made in Belgium, UK customers’ largest supplier.

Textile floorcoverings shipments — predominantly of wall-to-wall carpet — from Belgium increased by 12.6 per cent to £21.5m as total carpet imports reached £64.2m.

The data, compiled by The Furnishing Report from HMRC figures, shows there were also December increases from the Netherlands — up 4.2 per cent to £15m — and China, rising 12 per cent to £3.7m.

India and Turkey both saw declines in carpet and rug shipments to Britain, of 4.9 per cent to £5.8m and 2.3 per cent to £4.2m respectively.

December’s data means full year 2015 figures are now available. The Furnishing Report will feature extensive breakdowns across multiple product categories in the days and weeks ahead.