Chinese furniture importsUpholstery imports climbed double-digits in December, propelled by a large increase in Chinese sofa shipments to British retailers and wholesalers.

December total upholstery* shipments to Britain increased 11.5 per cent to £68.6m according to HMRC data compiled by The Furnishing Report.

A 16.4 per cent increase in goods arriving from China — reaching £38.9m — was the principal reason for the rise, though shipments from Poland also climbed 14 per cent to £8.9m.

Upholstery imports from Italy were down 6.7 per cent to £9.1m in December.

December’s data means full year 2015 figures are now available. The Furnishing Report will feature extensive breakdowns across multiple product categories in the days and weeks ahead.

* upholstered seats with wooden frames