Furniture and furnishings supplier Fuda International Trading says it expects the balance of its production to be in the UK this year as the onshoring trend continues.

The North Shields importer and manufacturer says its customers are favouring UK goods because they offer greater purchasing flexibility, reducing the likelihood of having surplus stocks which need to be sold off at a discount.

Fuda, which sells its furnishings and occasional furniture such as upholstered footstools to major non-food and specialist homewares chains, grew sales by 11 per cent to £8.4m in the year to end April.

The company returned to profit at the pre-tax line, making £10,457 having lost £21,208 the previous year. Year-end cash increased to £198,779 (2014: £81,734) and net debt reduced to £1.1m (2014: £1.2m).