Sharps has relaunched its flagship London showroom with a new store format described as a ”huge jump forward” by the national furniture chain’s marketing director Tim Moore.

The Baker Street store has been remodelled “to capture Sharps’ brand values,” bringing them to life through a series of stories taking shoppers through the bespoke fitted bedroom buying process.

Mr Moore said: “The new concept encourages people to feel, touch and play with our products so they can really experience and visualise what they would be like in their own homes.”

A white and grey colour palette and wooden flooring has been used throughout to provide a neutral backdrop for the eight bedroom sets, including a full-size walk-in wardrobe.

“It has elegance and charm with an element of surprise. It’s a huge jump forward and will exceed what our customers expect when visiting a Sharps’ store,“ Tim Moore added.

Designed by The Market Creative, the 2,900sqft store also features updated fascia with new branding. Light boxes replace window posters, so messages can be easily changed to reflect the seasons and new promotions.

The Sun-European backed furniture retailer trades over 100 UK locations and had sales north of £70m in 2013–14.