mattressGenThe md of Sleepeezee owner Simmons Bedding Group says it is business as usual for the manufacturer despite financial problems at its French parent company.

Cauval Industries entered a legal process called redressement judiciaire on Monday, with a French court approving the freezing of the group’s debts to give protection from creditors.

The Cauval group has also been given six months to complete a financial restructure, which could take the form of a refinancing, sale or new investment into the business.

Howard Wilson, md at the Cauval-owned Simmons Bedding Group in the UK, said: “It doesn’t impact on us directly at all. Unfortunately it just creates a lot of background noise, but we are advising our supply chain and major customers about what is happening.”

Cauval Industries owns the licence for Simmons throughout Europe and is one of the continent’s largest bedding groups, with a turnover approaching €400m. Its financial problems go back several years and are understood to relate to its manufacturing businesses on the continent.

Its situation hardened in the past week when Portuguese furniture company Aquinos backed away from a deal to invest €25m in the group.

Mr Wilson added: “We know that one plant in France will be liquidated but the rump of the business, which is Tréca, Simmons in France and Pirelli, will enter the redressement judiciaire process.”

Rochester based Simmons Bedding Group is autonomously run, producing beds under brands such as Sleepeezee and generating sales north of £26m in 2014.

Mr Wilson said: “We are a separate legal trading entity and we will carry on trading as normal. Ultimately, we are an asset on Cauval’s balance sheet. We do not anticipate being sold but in the worst case scenario that could be the case if things do not work out for Cauval in France.”