Foam and sprung mattress imports into Britain declined according to new official figures, bringing an end to 19 straight months of year-on-year growth.


Imports fell 5.0 percent to £9.5 million in May, HMRC data compiled by The Furnishing Report showed.

The drop was largely the result of a seven-figure fall in the value of goods arriving from Denmark, with Irish imports also down, by a softer 7.4 percent.

Polish mattress imports were up by a fifth to £2.6 million while Chinese shipments climbed 6.1 percent compared with May 2017.

May's decline was the first time mattress imports have fallen since September, 2016. Year-to-date (Jan–May, 2018), mattress are still well up on last year, by nearly 18 percent to £51.3 million.