The National Bed Federation will this weekend launch a six month consumer advertising campaign designed to highlight the safety, cleanliness and honesty of its members’ beds.

A series of animated display adverts — featuring the ‘Big Tick’ NBF Approved logo — will pop up as consumers browse the internet for mattress and bed purchases over the next few months.

The £50k campaign is expected to clock up more than 29m online impressions over its duration, with a special micro-site — at sleepsafesleepsound.co.uk — having been developed to support the advertising.

The website provides a brief overview of the scope of the Code and a list of approved brands consumers can check before they buy.

NBF executive director Jessica Alexander said: “We wanted to increase awareness and to demonstrate our continued commitment to the Code. It’s not a one-off exercise — we are developing its scope all the time and have a programme of re-auditing which will ensure all members are audited at least every two years.”

Incoming NBF president Ebrahim Patel said: “We want to keep on reminding consumers that they can buy an NBF member’s products with confidence, knowing that they are safe, clean and honest. This new campaign will hopefully bring what we are trying to do to the attention of many more of them.”