haloTomCatInternational design and distribution group Halo has taken action against a number of companies across China for copying some of its best-known furniture designs.

Halo has agreed settlement terms with Foshan Shunde Ronghe Trade Co, regarding infringements of several Halo designs including its Tom Cat and Mars chairs.

The Chinese firm will no longer manufacture and sell certain products lines and has paid undisclosed damages to Halo as a result.

Halo has also paid tribute to Chinese ecommerce platform Alibaba, which it says has supported the business in protecting its IP by agreeing to remove and delete over 1,000 links to copies of Halo furniture and lighting on its website.

Three further Chinese copyists at the Canton Fair last month had their product removed from stands for infringing the registered design rights of Halo, including the Tom Cat and Mars chairs and its Valkyrie desk.

Details of Halo success enforcing its IP in China was released in a statement by anti-copying membership association ACID, of which Halo is a member.

ACID CEO Dids Macdonald said: “Following meetings last year with Halo’s Chief Legal Counsel, Emily Haslam at the UK/China IP Symposium in Beijing, a UK meeting took place with designers and manufacturers and a China IP Group has been formed at the highest level to start positive dialogue, with China’s IP attaché Tom Duke and the UK IPO’s International Director Neil Feinson, to bring interested parties together.

“Its raison d’etre is to discuss the real crises that many UK companies face with ongoing infringement. Information sharing is essential to raise awareness and we will be holding a second IP symposium in October to deal with not only the challenges but to be a united voice against the continuing challenges.”