Chinese wood furniture imports climbed in March to leave first quarter bedroom, living and dining from the country fractionally below the same period in 2017.


A 3.2 percent rise in China-sourced cabinet to £25.4 million in March was the strongest year-on-year figure since last November.

It helped overall Chinese wood furniture* shipments reach £81.9 million for the quarter, 0.6 percent off the figure for the first three months of last year.

Vietnamese cabinet imports for the quarter are up 3.4 percent to £35.7 million after a 6.8 percent climb in March.

A big variation in the value of containers of bedroom wood cabinet shipped from the U.S. continues to skew the overall figures, which are compiled by The Furnishing Report from HMRC data.

Between January and March, £18.4 million of cabinet of U.S. origin docked at UK ports according to HMRC. That compares with £2.2 million for the same period last year.

* living, dining and bedroom wood furniture

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