The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) is funding a research project designed to address the 1bn kilograms of waste furniture and mattresses sent to landfill annually in the UK.

circularEconomyDiagramFIRA is calling on the furniture industry to participate in a survey gauging the steps needed to adopt a circular economy approach, that aims to redress wastage and resource efficiency by ensuring existing materials remain in productive use for as long as possible.

Furniture is increasingly highlighted by regulatory bodies as a key area for meeting waste reduction targets, FIRA says, adding that there is potential for the introduction of ever more stringent prevention measures. Regulators at both the European Commission and UK Government have highlighted furniture and bulky goods as a ‘priority target’ for action.

FIRA says the survey forms a critical part of its new research project, which aims to explore the business case for a circular economy for the furniture industry.

Its sustainability expert James Bell said: “The issue of waste is not going away. The statistics don’t lie: we live in a society predicated on unsustainable wastage and resource inefficiency. All of this despite the ever increasing cost of sending waste to landfill and the volatility of raw materials prices. A critical part of this initial feasibility study will be feedback from our members and other stakeholders, and we hope that this valuable consultation will underpin our future efforts in supporting and facilitating the industry’s transition to a circular economy.”

Anyone wishing to participate in the survey can access it here.