Consumer confidence took a knock in November but shoppers remain well disposed to buying big-ticket goods such as electricals and furniture.

The Major Purchase Index increased two points to +9 in November, according to research consultancy GfK, which measures consumer confidence monthly through a survey.

That figure is up a full nine points on the same measure in November 2014.

However, other measures were less positive, including that monitoring the General Economic Situation — down one point to -6, and the Personal Finance Situation, down three points to +1.

GfK said the overall index score declined one point to +1.

“Despite the good news agenda of rock-bottom inflation, falling fuel prices and higher wage growth boosting spending power, confidence appears to be depressed by a combination of wider economic, political and social events,” said Joe Staton, head of market dynamics at GfK.

However, he added: “Shoppers also continue to tell us that now is the right time to make major purchase – such as furniture or electrical goods — suggesting that lots of households will be sitting on a new three-piece suite this December to watch Downton Abbey.”

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