Total turnover for Britain's furniture industry advanced 2.8 percent in 2017 according to data compiled by BFM, the trade association representing UK furniture makers, from official statistics.


Its review of UK manufacturing performance showed total turnover for the sector, including income from non-production activities, passed £8.7 billion.

The data informs a new BFM members' report that also highlights the impact of input price pressures on specific furniture industry categories.

"Raw material costs are still a major issue for the sector," said Mike Dimond, BFM director of employment and membership.

"Official figures revealed 2017 prices were up by an average of 6.0 percent on the previous year. Factory gate prices of ‘all furniture' increased by 2.6 percent on average over the year in an attempt to recover margins as a result of increased material costs — it's the largest rise in costs since 2011."

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