Furniture sales were strong in June according to the British Retail Consortium, which said big-ticket benefited from free-flowing credit and low prices.

The lobby group’s BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor recorded cross category growth of 2.9 per cent last month, the highest year-on-year figure recorded since January 2014.

Like-for-like sales — which strips out changes in retail floorspace — were up 1.8 per cent. Warm weather, not usually conducive to strong furniture sales, boosted fashion demand without hold big-ticket lines back.

Helen Dickinson, director general at the BRC, said: “We saw welcome signs of growing consumer confidence, with people more willing to 'trade-up' and spend a bit more on big-ticket purchases, likely boosted by the growth in the supply of credit and other factors such as low inflation and rising real incomes."

Official retail sales figures from the Office for National Statistics are due for release next week.