FurnStocksThFURNITURE stocks are climbing again after a double-dip in 2016, the first of which came straight off the back of the June 23rd EU Referendum result.

The combined share prices of thirty leading UK and global furniture and furnishings companies with an interest in the British market have recovered half of the value lost after the EU vote, for the second time this year.

The latest improvement can be traced directly to the date following the U.S presidential elections, with Donald Trump beating Hilary Clinton to become President-Elect.

Data compiled by The Furnishing Report spanned stocks from UK specialists such as DFS Furniture Plc through to far-off based enterprises including Thailand Carpet Manufacturing PCL, backer of UK sofa makers Alstons and Ashley Manor.

sharePrices Dec 22 2016

The value of the thirty stocks combined on June 23rd fell 10 percent overnight and by 12 percent at their nadir in July. They recovered strongly in the months that followed, and a £1 million investment at June 23rd would have been worth £1.02 million by September 8th.

However, stocks collapsed in value again from that point on, falling 12 percent before recovering from the day after the U.S elections.

Combined prices have climbed 4.4 percent since then, with £1 million invested on June 23rd worth £937,000 as of last night’s (Dec. 22) closing prices.

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