relyonBensonsRelyon sales to third party stockists were broadly flat in 2013–14 with sales to other Steinhoff owned businesses rising by close to half.

The Wellington bed maker — part of the Steinhoff group since 2001 — grew sales by 16.5 per cent to £52.4m in the year to end June.

The increase was driven by sales to other parts of the South African headquartered group, likely to include specialist chain Bensons for Beds, southern England furniture retailer Cargo Homeshop and websites such as the Bed Shed (bedshed.co.uk).

Intra-group sales were over 40 per cent — nearly £8m — higher in 2013–14 at £27.3m. That would leave sales to external customers, such as independent and group furniture and bed stores, worth about £25.1m, just under 2 per cent down on the previous year.

Sales to third party customers had risen 18 per cent a year earlier in 2012–13.

In the latest reported period, sales to customers outside the UK increased from around £1.4m to more than £5m year-on-year.