Britain's advertising watchdog has told a North East carpet retailer to change its advertising after ruling one if its adverts could encourage excessive alcohol consumption.


Two complainants were upset at a January 2018 magazine advert that featured a woman seemingly unconscious woman lying on her back on a tiled floor. An empty wine glass was by her side, along with large text stating 'Happy New Year,' with the word 'Year' crossed out and replaced with 'Floor.'

The retailer, Carpet Studio of Newcastle, was told by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that it considered the ad portrayed a style of drinking that was excessive and dangerous, in a humorous tone which trivialised such drinking styles.

It concluded that the ad promoted excessive drinking and was in breach of the code, telling the retailer it mustn't feature again.

One of the two complainants was upset with the advert not for alcohol but because it was likely to cause serious or widespread offence because they believed it was inappropriate and demeaning. The ASA disagreed. The full ruling is here.

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