TURNOVER is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality.

No doubt you’ve heard or read this phrase a million times before. But how many companies manage it, and what is their secret?

The secrets we’ll leave to you to decipher, but we can certainly highlight some of the industry’s best exponents. Is there a better one than Coach House, the Altham based furniture and home accents wholesaler?

As reported earlier this week (see related) it grew sales 19.3 percent last year and more than doubled profits.

It made £11.4 million on sales of £46.1 million: a pretax margin of nearly 25 percent. At 30th September last year, the closely held company had over £24 million cash sitting on its balance sheet.

Its performance was no one-off fluke, either. Coach House has consistently returned high profits, as the chart showing its performance for over a decade shows below.


Is there a better run business, from a financial perspective, in the UK home furnishings industry?

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* 2009 figure is based on underlying profits as director remuneration totalled more than £7 million that year

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