Lancashire sofa supplier Furnico is a manufacturing success story but its import and distribution business was responsible for the lion’s share of growth in 2013–14.

The company — which sells the La-Z-Boy product line in the UK — said sales grew just under 16 per cent to £46.8m to end July, while volume growth — the number of units sold — was up by 12 per cent.

It sold 50,240 units in 2013–14, meaning its average selling price (per unit) fell 3 per cent to £107.39.

The number of goods it manufactured itself climbed 9 per cent to 31,956, meaning factored in lines were up at more than twice that rate (+18.5pc) last year to 18,284.

Both are excellent year-on-year results, but La-Z-Boy looks to have delivered the strongest growth.

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