Seven European partners including furniture makers' trade body BFM have combined to develop the content for an International Masters Degree, part of a wider plan to tackle the furniture industry skills shortage.


"After 18 months of activity, the project is now starting to establish itself as a real guide to training within the European furniture and woodworking industry," said BFM md Jackie Bazeley of the IM-FUTURE project, which is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

"The partners involved have created the basis for a platform to provide companies, associations and practitioners with relevant training at postgraduate level," she added.

Florin Ioras, research professor of conservation sustainability and innovation, is leading Buckinghamshire New University's team. He said: "IM-FUTURE is coming up with ways for companies to ensure their workforce is in step with changes in technology along with ways to make it financially worthwhile for companies, organisations and authorities to move along with these changes."

The content of the course will be completed in May 2019. For further information on the project and its other partners, visit http://www.im-future.eu.

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