BFC 2018 Manifesto
The BFC 2018 Manifesto
The British Furniture Confederation (BFC), the representative body whose members comprise the sector's leading trade associations, has sent its 2018 Manifesto to key legislators as it looks to highlight the importance of the £17 billion industry to the economy.

Sent to the Government, shadow ministers and members of the All-Party Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group, the document calls for cooperation and support for the furniture and furnishings sector on training, exports, standards and regulations and the environment. It contains clear and implementable calls for action to bolster the furniture, furnishings and bed industry, the BFC said in a press release.

This includes a desire for clarity on Brexit negotiations; enhanced long term export support; increased support for training to resolve the growing skills gap; the maintenance and policing of safety standards and regulations; and engagement with, and support for, moving towards a more circular economy.

"It has been encouraging to see the Government’s renewed focus on industry and we welcomed the publication of the Industrial Strategy in November, which can only have a positive impact," said Jonathan Hindle, chairman of the BFC.

"However, it did not fully address our concerns about the skills gap, export support or indeed support in general for what is seen as a more traditional manufacturing sector. Hence the publication of this, our second Manifesto, and a very clear message to Government about the value of our industry and the ways in which Government can specifically help it to continue to prosper and contribute to the economy and culture of the UK."

Like the previous edition, the BFC 2018 Manifesto was developed in response to an industry-wide survey of companies across the sector.

Mr Hindle added: "We must keep on reminding the Government of the importance of the furniture & furnishings industry to the economy. At nearly £17 billion and rising, it’s a substantial growth industry for the UK, supporting over 327,000 jobs across 50,000 registered companies."

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