Consumer confidence has risen to its highest level in nearly a decade, according to global research consultancy Nielsen.

Its survey of 30,000 people worldwide recorded the UK consumer confidence index rising from 97 in the first quarter to 99 in the second, its highest level since the first three months of 2006.

The survey measures consumer attitudes about the job market, spending intentions and changing habits, from an online survey of consumers across 60 countries worldwide.

Nielsen UK & Ireland md Steve Smith said: “Consumers in the UK are feeling ever more confident. Wage inflation is starting to outstrip price inflation for the first time in years, while mortgage rates are at historically low levels and unemployment has generally been falling.”

UK consumer confidence has overtaken the global average for the first time in more than nine years, after the the global level dropped from 97 to 96,

Nielsen found British consumers were more confident than those in Germany for the first time in five years, with only the Danes more confident across Europe.

High unemployment, weak growth and the financial crisis in Greece meant pan-European consumer confidence remained flat with an index score of 79.